When IT hits the fan, who you gonna call???


When IT hits the fan, who you gonna call???

When consulting with our valued clients we are usually in touch to help them hire permanent or contract based IT staff for anything from new software, web or mobile development projects, maintenance, enhancements, project rescue, re-engineering etc…

A typical scenario I tend to come across is:

“We have an urgent software or web development project and we need to hire a permanent web developer (s) with xxx skill set, between the salary range of xxx and xxx, we needed this person yesterday! Can you help me find the staff?”

Can I help? Well of course I would love to, but my answer to that is dependent on a number of factors which include; the challenge, the projects, the technology stack, the salary, competition with other employers, the availability of candidates and so on.

The outcome of these factors help both me and my client understand key factors in the market which determine things like the time to hire this person, the availability of such skilled people etc.


Now then, what happens if I tell them they will not be able to hire the staff within the parameters of their offerings in terms of time constraints, progression, money, company culture, tech stack, project, sector or even location etc.

The solution usually is to hire an interim resource, in the form of an expert contractor who can usually start as soon as the next day. There are lots of pros and cons to bringing in a contractor and its all just dependent upon individual circumstances of how good or bad an idea that can be.

But… what if my client cannot hire permanent staff and also cannot get a contractor for any number of reasons? Where does that leave them? The project? Their end client relationships, their staff.


In order to salvage the project, there is not many options to explore at this point.

The typical thing that I have seen happen time and time again is my clients reluctantly resort to walking through the dangerous minefield of outsourcing development at outrageous prices, facing logistical nightmares, different time zones and quality control.

When faced with this situation what are you going to do? Who you gonna call?

Westpoint Recruitment has partnered with bonafide, certified and experienced software development teams based in the UK and further afield to help provide an ultimate solution. Wave goodbye to the risk, the dodgy time zones, the yes men and broken promises. Say hello to outsourcing that is cost effective with instantaneous relief, based from our HQ in Manchester’s Media City UK. Westpoint Recruitment will appoint a UK based Project Manager to handle all aspects of your project in conjunction with your team whilst managing the development teams on the other side of the fence, with SLAs, accountability and quality control.

The technology stacks covered with this service include:

  • .NET
  • PHP
  • iOS
  • Android
  • Java
  • Ruby on Rails
  • Web Development


For more information, you can email us at info@westpointrecruitment.com or alternatively you can contact us on
+44 161 414 0077

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