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Over the last year or so I fell out of love with recruitment. I went from 100mph and gradually came to a steady 20mph. Clock watching. Scrolling through LinkedIn. Small successes or maybe not even that. I was winging recruitment and never getting to experience what it was supposed to be like.

Now I’ve ended up in Media City at Westpoint Recruitment. I REALLY like it here. The environment both inside and outside. The processes. The ethos. The views. The buzz. The commute. The people. (The commission scheme *wink*) For those who know me will know that when I work my ass off I go in 110%! The best thing is…. I flipping love recruitment now and thanks to my good friend who runs this place, I’ve managed to overload my plate with work….with his training I’ve done more in 3 months than I’ve managed to do in the last year and a half!

So now it’s time to find another me 🙂 Are you looking for a new place to work? Are you trying to fall in love with recruitment again? Fancy working in Media City? Want to absolutely SMASH recruitment? Not afraid to work hard and put the odd crazy shift in? Want to find a new career? Want to fatten your pockets?

If you’re still reading…I’m looking for a Junior / Graduate. I don’t mind if you have some experience or no experience or bags of experience. You will get the training and ANYTHING you need to make it happen so your success will be our success. If you want to climb the recruitment ladder, we’ll turn you into a Consultant in no time. You just have to be willing to put the graft in! The salary is really Dependent On Experience (DOE) and our benefits package is worth a nice and round juicy £9k.

Still reading? That means you want to meet for a confidential chat right? Or want to share my post? Or know someone who would be interested? If so, please email me your CV to 

We can meet outside of business hours if you’re in a job at the moment and your boss is a weirdo.

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