STOP using Recruitment agencies to hire your staff. 5 Vital questions you must ask first!

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Stop using recruitment agencies! 5 Vital questions you must ask first!

Trusting a Recruiter to help you find new team members can be very effective to save on time and cost, but how do you determine who is the right partner to work with? Finding the right recruiter can be described as a minefield with timewasters, bad processes, no money back guarantees and frankly some very wild fees.

To determine the right recruitment partner to work with, it’s always good to give yourself some options and screen them. Below are some good questions to ask a recruiters before you decide on working with them.

  1. What is the CV selection process?
    Recruitment consultants are supposed to save you time and money. You don’t want to be inundated with applications that you have to spend hours sifting through to find relevant candidates. Ask the recruiter how they handle the selection process, how they handle applications, if they speak to each applicant and the information they will be obtaining from applicants. Also ask them how many CVs they expect to provide you with.
  2. How much do you charge and how?
    For permanent hires most recruitment agencies tend to charge in one of two ways; a percentage fee or a retainer. The percentage fee is based on the starting salary of the candidate and is normally payable once the candidate starts work with you. This form of charging is most common and if you don’t find a suitable candidate, you don’t have to pay the agency anything. Fees can vary from 10-30% depending on the agency and the salary and specialist area. If you choose a retainer fee, it is agreed at the outset; with a percentage being payable upfront and the remainder due when the candidate starts their employment.
  3. What happens if the employee leaves?
    It can be a real heart-breaking moment when a new employee leaves after having invested time and money in them and a recruitment fee. Typically agencies have a money back guarantee (rebate) in place at around 4-8weeks which is usually a return of a percentage of your fee in order to share risk. However you should agree a structure that works around you as some recruiters can be flexible by increasing the rebate period and percentage of money back or offering free replacements.
  4. Do they know your market?
    With so many recruiters out there, choosing the right one can be daunting, you should be fully confident that the recruiter is up to task and holds the status of being a subject matter expert in their market, e.g. you would not engage a software development recruiter to handle your digital marketing recruitment and vice versa. They must understand your role, your sector and will have credence in placing similar candidates. You should ask for testimonials and examples.
  5. Do they care about your needs?
    To determine if a recruiter is actually going to spend quality time in you and your business, it’s always a good idea to meet with them. This presents you with an opportunity to see if they actually do the ground work and research to present solutions to you and better still you can actually see the people who will be introducing candidates to your company and if they can represent your opportunity and company in the right way.


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