Make Search Engine Optimisation your New Year’s resolution


Online marketing is undeniably one of the most valuable and necessary tools for business to use within the technological world. 81% of internet users find their destination through a search engine, so it’s extremely important for a business, or a brand, to make sure that it is at the top of the results by having best SEO practices, so that they are more widely used and that people are aware of them.

The quality of SEO, or Search Engine Optimisation, is determined by how far up a website is found in a search engine. Organic search methods are 8.5% more likely to be clicked than the alternative method of search marketing, PPC, or Pay Per Click, as it is a more widely respected resource. A good Digital Marketing professional will know that an SEO strategy takes time to boost a website’s’ rankings, and that this is done through a combination of good quality content, and also being an authority on user problems and the type of solution you offer.

There’s no time like the present

The beginning of the year is an excellent time to start developing a new SEO strategy and to reflect back upon the successes and failures of the previous year. The key to SEO success is good quality content rather than keyword repetition. If you invest your time in adding more value to your content, you will create a better reader experience for site visitors and potential customers, which could convert to a regular following and potentially generate revenue.

A simple way of adding more value to your content by understanding what makes your visitors tick.

  1. Examine your online content and using Google Analytics, understand what the most popular content is
  2. Try to learn as much as possible about your website visitors so that you can use your website as a mean to serve them content they are interested in
  3. Prepare a content calendar which means that you won’t miss a single event of interest and relevance to your industry

As technology is advancing, people are finding favour in more snappy content with videos and pictures, with the rise of companies and brands using social media platforms such as Instagram and Snapchat, it is clear that there is success in using multimedia methods. To set your content aside from your competitors, combine it with individual and interesting video content.

Another simple way to boost SEO in 2017 is to facilitate the user browsing experience. An umbrella of SEO is Search Experience Optimisation. Similar to UX/UI Design, the user browsing experience is a vital way of ensuring that you are answering people’s questions sufficiently. If you are designing a webpage that you want to be discovered by your target audience, then it is necessary to begin by finding out what they search for instead of being presumptuous.

These small changes can really make your company’s voice heard in the growing sea of competitors and help to boost your online search ranking.


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