How useful is Snapchat as a marketing tool?



Digital Marketing is constantly transforming to meet the advancement of technology and online platforms. As a mirror to the ongoing digital transformation, the way that people respond to content and how they want to be sold to is changing also. People want their information to be prompt and in the form of videos, pictures and information restricted to 140 characters.


This more streamlined method of communication is overtaking long and detailed blogs and articles and is widely associated as being in-fitting with the needs of younger generations. This is accurate as Generation X has grown up as the internet has evolved, they have adopted social media platforms and made them their own. Generation Z are the first generation of digital natives who are now financially independent and eligible to be marketed to. Together, the two generations make up over a third of the UK’s population, who are eligible to be marketed to, so it makes sense to create digital content to meet their needs.  But this doesn’t necessarily mean that new methods of digital marketing are inclusive or restrictive to certain demographics.


Modern, Digital Marketing concepts now avoid techniques where people feel that they are being sold to, replacing them with more interactive and multimedia methods which generate much more positive results.


Pictures and videos, on social platforms such as Snapchat, can be used as a creative method to reach customers and clients. It is a common misconception that Snapchat is a platform geared towards the younger generations when in fact it can be an opportunity for companies to give their customers a ‘backstage pass’ into their world.


As with all forms of marketing, it’s hard to specifically define what are the right techniques to adopt. It’s all about understanding which platforms best fit in with your overall marketing strategy, and if Video content is deemed the right approach to take for your business, then it’s certainly worth exploring.


Video marketing is a very open and honest platform of communication. It is very easy to spot how genuine somebody is being on a video, through their body language and tone of voice. It’s worth remembering that video marketing tends to lean more towards humour and relationship building with consumers. In this respect, Snapchat is a useful tool as it allows a business to build up a personal brand, offering insight into what it is like to work for your company, how your team works and subtly sells your brand to them in the process.


It might be worth asking yourself, which social media platforms is your business currently operating? Are they working? Are they in line with your overall marketing strategy? You don’t want to dilate your consumers with too many social accounts, so make sure you pick a handful of which work best for you and your business.

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